Since 2006, Progression Lacrosse has been a leader in premier club lacrosse education as one of the original scholastic club lacrosse programs in the northeast.  We are committed to offering a superior experience to the dedicated lacrosse student-athlete. 

Our exceptional professional coaching staff have developed and trained some of the best lacrosse players who have been recruited to top colleges and universities across the country. 

Our members stand out on a college recruiter’s radar. Our accomplished program is well known for developing highly desirable college prospects. 

We understand how to guide our players when navigating through the college recruitment process. Our coaches encourage and support the partnership between academic and athletic development and we stress that importance to our youth and high school lacrosse student-athletes.   

Our Mission

Progression Lacrosse is dedicated to organizing, developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse while fielding competitive youth and high school teams.  Our mission is to provide a positive learning experience through instilling values of sportsmanship and integrity in an environment that places team accomplishments above personal achievement. 

We believe lacrosse is a tool to teach life lessons through structure and discipline while building confidence.  Our players are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions on and off the field and be supportive of their team mates.  Our coaches are mindful of presenting a positive role model to our student-athletes.  We equip our players with the tools and knowledge to compete, respect and honor the game of lacrosse.


Our program is on player development and building skill sets.  Our clinics are diversified in offering basic and advanced concepts. This includes repetition of fundamentals while developing and increasing the “when and how” lacrosse IQ.  We focus on reaction time and decision making while teaching the rules of the game through game situation scenarios.    


We are committed to the progression and development of every member in our program. Our coaching staff is diversified, including head and assistant coaches from colleges, universities and high schools and an alumni of acclaimed student-athletes who have trained and competed with and against DI, DII and DIII lacrosse teams. This well rounded teaching philosophy gives student-athletes the opportunity to experience a variety of coaching styles and dynamics. We develop players with a greater understanding of the game, learning both how to perform as an individual and work as a member of a team. We recognize the ability of how youth sports can help players grow into confident, contributing members of  their communities.  We are intent upon working with our members to improve their skills, promote sportsmanship, build team camaraderie and instill as sense of respect for the game and its participants.


The philosophy of our program is simple. 

Building our Teams: We recruit lacrosse players with strong athleticism, drive, determination, and a commitment to their academic development and their future.  We want the individual who possesses heart, hustle and discipline.  

Coaching: Our coaches are committed.  On our fields, everyone is part of the team, everyone gets the full coaching advantage, and everyone has the support of reaching their maximum lacrosse potential. 

Camaraderie: We are all in this together.  Parents, athletes, coaches along with our Director and Board Members are here with the same intentions; to support our players both athletically and academically, a desire to succeed and be the best, and to have fun and enjoy the experience of playing lacrosse.  

Multi-Sport Athletes

We understand and support our multi-sports athletes, as a matter of fact most NCAA College Lacrosse recruiters do. A multi sport athlete has the advantage of learning different skill sets, different rules and varied coaching styles. The diversity enables a student-athlete to strengthen their mind by learning and understanding strategies and components we consider crossover skills.  


Through our expansion and recognition, Progression continues to move forward as a leader in club lacrosse.