Athletic Financial Assistance 

“I know that lacrosse can be a driving force for achievement in a young person’s life and I love coming to work everyday trying to create experiences that will change a child’s life. The lessons learned through the sport are critical and I believe that all children deserve access to these lessons in the same way that they deserve access to top notch academic instruction”. - Mike Levin, Metro Lacrosse

Progression Lacrosse, Inc. is a non-for-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to helping develop physical growth and knowledge of the game of lacrosse through clinics and teams that offer social interaction, character building, team camaraderie and leadership for the youth through high school lacrosse student-athlete.

Our Athletic Financial Assistance Fund was created to help families in our program who are experiencing financial hardship.  This fund is 100% supported through the generosity of our members and their families, friends, alumni and corporate donors.  

The fundraiser is a cooperation between our members and the organization.  In order to keep this fund viable, we ask all members to participate in our annual fundraising campaign.

If you are seeking financial assistance you must request and complete the AFA application to be submitted to our board for review and consideration.  

Financial assistance is granted based upon the amount of funds raised that year, the information provided by applicants and the number of applications we receive. Members who receive financial assistance are granted funds for a portion of their summer tuition fee. Members are responsible for 100% of any outstanding balances due after the FA has been applied to their summer tuition. 

Financial assistance applies only to the Summer Travel Tournament Season tuition fees exclusively.

Click on this link with inquiries and to request a copy of the AFA Application via email: