Q. How do I become a member of Progression's Teams?

  • Attend our open tryouts in the fall.  
  • Attend our Fall and Winter Clinics.  
  • Ask your HS coach and prior lacrosse youth or club coaches to submit a recommendation letter. 
  • Send us a highlight video or link for our coaches to review.

Q. How are players selected?  

We are selective of players who play on our teams.  Players must demonstrate a high level of skills, knowlege and commitment to their development and growth to be play at the top of their game consistently.  Selected players are placed on teams according to their high school graduation year. Each team has a limited maximum roster of 24 players. 

Q. Why play with Progression vs another club team?  

There are over 137 high schools in CT with a boys lacrosse team.  Every summer there are close to 1000 student athletes from Freshman, JV and Varsity teams that are trying out for summer club lacrosse with the hope of becoming the next college lacrosse recruit.

We have been a club program since 2006.  Progression is the only club program with  7 alumni selected to play on MLL and NLL lacrosse teams and more than 200 graduates recruited to top DI, DII and DIII programs throughout the country.

We are dedicated to maximizing your lacrosse development and experience. Whether you are playing to enhance your skills, seeking college recruitment, gain national exposure, or to just have a great summer lacrosse experience and elevate your game,  we are committed to individualizing each student-athletes experience with our teams.  We not only train you as a player we also focus on your athleticism, lacrosse I.Q. and overall game sense. We go the extra length to support you in your college search.  Team coaches guide and assist our members in all aspects of the recruiting process including college profiling and networking. 

Q. What to consider when choosing the best summer lacrosse club program?

What tournaments do the teams attend?

     Progression takes careful consideration into choosing tournaments that offer the maximum amount of national exposure for our players to be seen by as many college recruiters as possible.  

How many tournaments are included in your summer schedule?

     We attend 2-3 major tournaments every summer and we do not stay local, we go to where the recruiting and competition is. Each tournament is carefully selected and our teams are bracketed for competitive play. Winning a tournament is good, bringing up your game is better.  You will compete against top teams challenging you to put forth your maximum effort and elevate your performance as a college prospect.  College coaches do not remember or recruit from just winning teams, they are looking for the right player to fit their program.  

Q. How is our coaching staff selected?

We choose our coaches who offer more than just lacrosse training, they are also educators of lacrosse, good strategists, who communicate well, are fair and above all dedicated to developing players on all levels.  Every player should finish a season having gained better knowledge and advancement in their skills.  

We pay close attention to NCAA rules on recruiting, compliance and guidelines. Choosing DIII College coaches to lead our teams allows us to recruit players from throughout the region and even from around the country.  

Q.  How long and what is included in the summer season?

Our summer season starts in June with a 3 day Total Submersion Team Training Boot Camp. During this 3 day experience the coaches and players work together building upon team camaraderie and team dynamics. Everything during our camp is all about lacrosse. We have found that the 3 day camp builds a level of confidence that can not be achieved during an hourly practice on the field.  Our coaches work with the teams on plays, unorthodox drills, strategies, positional techniques and development forming a unified bond ready to meet the challenge of summer competition.

All teams are scheduled to play 2-3 summer tournaments, weekly practices and intra club scrimmages.  The season ends by July 31st. 

Q.  How often do the teams practice and where are the practices held?

We are a summer travel program, and as a statewide organization this is our biggest challenge every summer.  Our goal is to rent fields that are centrally located for players and coaches according to availability.  Every team attends at least 8-10 practices and/or scrimmages.  Practice is MANDATORY for all members of the team. This practice schedule is in addition to our training camp.  The more we train the better we become.

Q.  What is included in the summer team fee?  

The team tuition fee varies according to the team and the summer tournaments we attend.  Your team placement letter will include all fees and a breakdown of the summer schedule.  Below is a basic outline of what is included in the tuition fee:

3 Day Intensive Team Traning Camp  Room and Board Included

Uniforms & Equipment

Every member of our teams is provided with high quality  uniforms.  Each member receives 2 pairs of shorts, 1 team reversible, 2 shooting shirts and 2 pairs of socks. 

Every member will have the option to purchase a Cascade custom helmet, custom designed gloves, additonal socks and a Progression Gear Bag. 

Returning members will have the option to apply credits for uniforms that are still in good condition from the previous summer season.

Tournaments All tournament fees, including select tournaments with room and board (Varsity teams) are included. 

Coaches Each team is led by a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and a Mentor.

Insurance supplemental insurance coverage for our training camp and practices.

Q.  Why is Progression run as a non-profit?

We are a 501(c)3 organization.  Which means that our operating costs are kept minimal. We offer assistance to qualifying families in need and sponsor inner city student-athletes on our teams.  

We have developed a winning fundraising campaign.  Through letter writing and social media you can reach out to donors and help yourself and members of your team.  For every dollar you raise you receive 50% toward your summer tuition fee plus the remaining 50% gets donated to our Athletic Financial Assistance Fund. 

Q.  Is travel or hotels included?  

Hotels and travel is not included in the tuition fee.  Room and Board is included only in those tournaments where it is specifically stated.  Most tournaments offer a direct link on their site for discounted hotel rates.