More than Just a Team

Every summer, thousands of youth and high school student-athletes take the field across the nation as a member of club lacrosse teams; some as just novices beginning their lacrosse careers, others may have years of experience under their belt, and almost every single one of them with the same goal, to play lacrosse at a collegiate level.

At Progression, our summers are notorious. We begin with the legendary 3 day training camp that not only brings our teams together, but all of our boys as a family. The shared dorms, meal times and community engagement all allow for each player to interact with one another, building team chemistry and camaraderie while training with our professional coaches.  The weekend begins as individuals coming together and ends with a single unit prepared to sweep the tournaments ahead.

Camp time is essential to properly prepare the players for the next 5 weeks of the summer. As we take on the tournament season, the players rely on their trust and camaraderie to support each other both on and off the field, turning a team into a brotherhood. This brotherhood follows us into the fall and winter clinics and tournaments and even once our season has ended. An old “enemy” from a rival high school could now be one of your closest friends for not just the season, but for life.

Progression is known for creating a community that has a stronger bond than any other club team. As the players and their families take on the tournament fields, our competition can see our colors pumping through our veins.

July 2014

Lynn and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for all that you have done for John over the past 4 years. We have watched John develop into a tremendous young man that we are extremely proud of and you and the Progression family have played a major role in this process. John and our family have had an amazing experience with Progression Lacrosse. John has developed into a sound lacrosse player that has a deep respect for the game, and has made many lifelong friends along the way. Your guidance, coaching expertise, and mentorship with John is something that we will always remember and attribute to you and your staff. The confidence John carries with him today is in great part due to the support and faith you placed in him. As the summer is winding down, John has been presented with several wonderful opportunities to play lacrosse in college and we cannot express how thankful we are to you for providing him with this opportunity. The Ford family will always be a proud member of the Progression Lacrosse family.

Have a restful and safe summer!


Peter and Lynn Ford  

June 2014

Just a quick note...
To say how happy we are to be part of this program! It was such a wonderful weekend. Good positive lacrosse- Luke is learning and having fun- what's better than that?!
Have a wonderful week and see you in Gettysburg!
Thank you,
Trish McFadden

May 4, 2014

Just wanted to drop you a note regarding the breadth of talent in the program as reflected in the Southington vs. Xavier lacrosse game this past week.  From the two sides, there were 8 starters with Progression roots including 5 Hurricanes and 3 Seminoles.  There was also a starter (Hurricane) for Xavier that DNP because of injury.  Several non-Progression parents took notice of the representation.  Thank you for a great program. -JK


September 2012

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your clinic today .  Its nice to see coaches that encourage , teach and work so hard .  They were very professional and with no foul language.  Steve loved it and is looking forward to next week. -RH

January 2012 - We applaud Matt Eagar who made a great life decision, and reminded us how lacrosse can lead to a path of opportunities that may not include a field, a stick or a net, but was great during the time it did.

I am honored that you have considered me as a prospective student athlete for your team. I am even more flattered at the fact that you are willing to build an offense around me. After countless hours of thinking, I have come to conclusion with myself that I am not going to play lacrosse in college. It has been one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make in my entire life, but in the end it is in my best interest. I have decided my next step in life is going to be based solely on continuing my academic success from high school on through college. I love lacrosse and it has been my life since I first picked up a stick in the 9th grade but pursuing a career in the medical field is going to leave me with an extraordinarily challenging schedule semester after semester. It was not easy making this choice, especially after the summer with the Metro Bulls, and Progression Lacrosse had and I am going to miss it but I need to focus on my academics. Thank you for a unforgettable summer of lacrosse and I wish you the best of luck with your team and the Progression Lacrosse family in the coming years. It feels fantastic to have been a part in such an outstanding program. If there is anything I can do to help with your recruiting on the island or with Progression, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Matt Eagar

July 2011

As you know AJ was injured at the Thursday night game and therefore it was necessary for us to leave the tournament yesterday.    Although there is a glimmer of hope that his injury isn't as extensive as he thinks, we will take one day at a time and wait until the Orthopedic can give a firm diagnosis next week.   I'm also writing today, to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with his roommates.  They were very kind and extremely helpful to AJ and his overall spirit as he was dealing with both the physical and mental pain of the injury.  Not only was he attended to during the night hours, when we were leaving, the boys all grabbed his gear, two were assisting him walking with the crutches and it was very apparent they were concerned with his well being.   I think it is important that these young men know how grateful I am for their support of my son.     As the saying goes, there is no I in the word team and these young men displayed the qualities that Progression Lacrosse looks for in their players.  It's so much more than winning and losing it's about the brotherhood that is created on and off the field.

Good Luck for the remainder of the tournament. 

Kathleen Wilcox

I want you to know AGAIN HOW GRATEFUL we are for all your help getting Graham into WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. He loves it, loves the team, the coach, the school...everything. His experience with Progression Lacrosse was one of the most important in his career, adding enormously to his skills and self confidence as a player. The camaraderie with the other players, and focus on skills, sportsmanship and athleticism was superb, and an experience I know he will never forget.

You guys are the best!


March 2011

Just wanted to let you and Coach Delia know that Brett has committed to play lax at Springfield College.  He is so excited for this opportunity and we would like to thank you and Progression Lacrosse for all your help and coaching that got him to this place.  We both had a great two seasons with everyone at Progression and will really miss it this summer.

We wish everyone at Progression continued success in the future.

Thanks so much again,

Nancy Bento

March 2011

Our experience with Progression Lacrosse was nothing short of amazing. Stephen's skills increased exponentially under the direction of Progression's Coaches. He has made friends for life and so have we. I could not have asked for a better group of parents to spend the last two summers with. In fact Steve has committed to go to Gettysburg this summer even though Stephen is not playing - just to hang out with all the Progression players and parents. .

Know that Steve and I will continue to support Progression in it's mission to prepare high school athletes to compete and be successful at the next level.


March 2011

If it wasn't for the Coaches and Progression Lacrosse, I wouldn't be where i am today.  I started playing with Progression in 9th grade, and continued to do so until my senior year.  While other club teams in the state asked me to play for them, it was a no brainier to stick with Progression.  No club is more educated, connected, and enthused in the sport of lacrosse than Progression Coaches, and nobody is as concerned with the development of their players.  It's no surprise to me that former teammates of mine Rob Rotanz of Fairfield Prep and C.J. Costabile of New Fairfield,  now play with me at Duke.  Duke's 2010 national championship will be remembered forever, and I know Progression was proud to see 3 former players achieve this amazing accomplishment.

Tom Montelli

Forum: General Discussion
Posted by: Mike Gillotti Sr of progressionlacrosse.com
Date/Time: Fri Jul 16 2010 at 9:46:07 PM
I would just like to say, that this year with the SEMINOLES has been another great experience, being the "TEAM MOM" has made me more involved at the team level and also closer to the Coaches, and other team families. Just last night we we're talking about how the boys are really starting to gel as a team, and I want to take it to the next level and say that the parents have to!. It been my pleasure being the "MOM" this year....."THANKS ROSIE" 
As we head into Yale tomorrow and then NSCLA in 2 weeks, we'll start to realize the end is near, for some of you, you haven't felt this yet, but for the families that have been around for a while, you wish it never ends. By the last tournament the teams are firing on all cylinders, "we" as parents actually will know each others names, and the feeling of it would be nice to go all summer hits!
If this is how we all feel, then we're doing something right with our kids, and the family values that are important, it not the games or the wins or losses (although the "W's" are nice!) it's about becoming a team, and friends through the game of lacrosse. 
We've been here 3 years, and made some great friends, and will make more as time goes on, just want to say an early THANKS to all.
Mike/Liz Gillotti (SEMINOLES, Brendan)